The Chapel

The Chapel is the small building of Christian worship attached to the asylum. So yes, it is in the property bounds of the asylum. All are allowed in except for demons unless if it is Holy Week or Christmas.

The Art Room

Here, a patient’s imagination and creativity can go wherever they’d like—on paper, on sculpture, design—anything. They express themselves here in the classical artistic way.

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The Music Room

The music room holds every instrument you can imagine—at least one of each—from the piano, to the guitar, to the clarinet, to the triangle, and then some. There’s also a wide variety of records, CDs, and tapes to listen to, both old music and new. Here you can be at ease and relax.

The Library.

Every Book you could imagine would be here. There is a forbidden section, Patients aren’t allowed to go there. Some say that they have the patient files and records of the damned souls that died in the 1920’s. 

Patient Rooms.

They have a desk, a little closet and a bed. 

The Garden:

The Patients love to be here. Is peaceful and full of flowers. It has a Fountain where they throw pennies for wishes. The Fountain was from the old Mental institution, the never destroyed the fountain for respect of the damned souls that died in the fire.

Some say is haunted, that if you throw a penny with a wish it will come true if the damned souls want that wish to happen.

Common Area/Rec Room

In this Place there is a Machine with Cokes. There is a Tv so you all could watch television. The Administration is the only one that approves the channels. So you may Ask first before changing the Channel.

Dining Hall.