Don't Open the Door

Welcome to the Broken Asylum

Are you crazy enough to be instated into a place that makes you… crazier?

Co-Founder: Lee

Active for 2 years!

Broken, Is the perfect asylum for young people who wants and need help to get better. Is a place where Doctors and Patients work together to get well, or that’s what people believe.

Broken Asylum is a place that is full of young people, ones who once killed, hurt and almost killed people. People that self-harm, are depressed or also heart broken. But the Asylums has its story.

The Story of the Asylum: It was a Mental Hospital for those serial killers in the 1920”s. Once that died there in a fire. The problem is that they built the Broken Asylum in the same place the Mental institute was. Souls of the damned are in a room, a room the doctors and nurses keep close. But what happens when is 12: 00 am and someone is curious about the door and opens it?

The Legend: 

The Mental Institution that burned only one room was safe. The legend says that the spirit of the damned souls reside there. Waiting to get out and live again and kill again. When the Mental Institution got burned, people died of course but no bodies were found. Only one room survived, is the Dark room. They built the new institution there. But they couldn’t demolish that part it was strong enough, something protected it but also it was sealed and people couldn’t open the door they built the new asylum there. And the Dark Room was Closed. 

In 1992, a doctor opened the door at 12:00am with a couple of nurses and some patients. They were curious about that one room that they couldn’t open. There was blood everywhere but no bodies were found. Since that day is forbidden to try to open the door. But the door is always unlocked at 12:00am. Waiting for someone brave enough or stupid enough to open the door. The secrets of the room, of why is that room sealed, why you hear sounds in the walls of that room. Secrets will be revealed soon.

Do you dare to join?

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