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I’m back from California. I missed you guys so much!!! I’m here now. So if you have huge plots and what not, I’m here. I JUST MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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A really pissed off/disappointed mod note.


I don’t know how many times it’s been stated in this roleplay by previous mod Oli that the ignorance many people in the roleplay show via cliques has got to end. You’ve all agreed to that in the new rules that you’d roleplay with everyone. Do some of you that get like 50 notes per role you play a post know how depressing it is to get not even one? Three if you’re lucky, and that’s maybe with just one other person opposite your character. And that goes for OOC, too. I wonder if some of you know we have an OOC blog. If you don’t, message the main ASAP. But the OOC blog is to build the family that existed within the roleplay, which’s broken into cliques recently. Those who aren’t a part of said ‘cliques’ feel left out in conversation, and it shows during roleplay, too. Like people roleplay with specific roleplayers. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said us mods haven’t done it once or twice to someone. I know I have, and everytime I do, I feel awful about it. Half the time it’s ‘cause I’m going to sleep, though. But that’s beside the point. Ignorance OOC and IC is not tolerated. We’re all really talented writers. Everyone should feel honestly lucky to be able to share a talent with each other and see other techniques and get to know people from other parts of your country or the world. It’s a place to feel happy, safe, to have fun and be creative and meet people, and not all of you are letting others take that advantage or you’re not taking that advantage yourself.

If I see a “Someone talk to ____” post one more time on the OOC blog, I’m messaging those who don’t participate in their entirety. If I see an OOC post about ANYTHING by the same person and is ignored three times, I’m messaging people. It’s gotten ridiculous on how much we ignore people in this roleplay that they feel the need to tell us that they feel left out. Being left out isn’t fun at all, so don’t let that happen to new or old members. Please. I never get angry and I can’t even express my anger as cruelly as I could without being somewhat kind about it, and this is maybe the least I’ll ever ask of the roleplay as a whole to do. It’ll make a really big difference here if you cooperate :)

With that, have a really wonderful day.

-Mod Val.

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So in case you haven’t noticed, we, here at B.A are going to do a Secret Santa (Mod Val’s lovely idea) so we made a list, I’ll be sending that out today, tomorrow. They where completely chosen at random. Here are the rules:

1. Don’t ask the other person ooc what their charrie would want. I think that kinda kills the fun of it.

2. Ghost, Angels and demons well I guess they can make home-made gifts or manifest them. 

3. Have my little diamond hearts. 


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Make sure you’re following everyone that appears on the main, guys.

Seriously. I know who you are. And I will get you.

— Admin Hol

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I just want to thank you all,

for complying with the rules with no problem. I see a huge difference in this RPG already, as a moderator and as a roleplayer.

— Admin Hol

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This is a reminder to please keep your inboxes open!

This is so you can receive updates/questions pertaining to the RPG. Much appreciated. Return to your rp lives.

— Admin Holly

To the anonymous sources expressing views concerning the content of the roleplay,

we are taking the time to remind you that the intent of this rpg is not to offend anyone that may currently be battling any of the disorders mentioned. As it so happens, many counterparts involved actually suffer from the diseases we portray, and we find that it is very cathartic in the sense that we are able to convey unstable emotions with others that not only understand, but are coping with personal issues as well. Despite whether we personally battle these internal conflicts, we would also like to make a point of emphasizing that this RPG is very knowledgeable. Our intent is far from endorsing means of mental instability, nor is it rectifying the factitious events. If your concern runs as deep as it seems to, we suggest contacting a higher authority, one that can place us out of business - in which case we, the mods of BA, bid you good luck on your endeavors. Otherwise, we suggest you find another asylum RPG that is willing to assume a meek point of view on the matter, one that doesn’t counteract any of the arguments you’re asserting.
We hope we can reach a general consensus in the near future. Have a splendid day.

- The BA Team

Hey, rpers!

Make sure you’re following everyone, peas!

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Come check us out?!

Activity Check Guys. Reblog this, post a gif of your character and Like this to check you are actives.

You have until tonight at 12:00 am. 

We need to check which ones are active and which ones are inactive.

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