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Name → Jamie Ramsey
Age → 23 (October 22)
Type → Patient
Diagnosis → Night terrors, Self-harm, Survivor’s guilt
ConnectionsColton Hopkins: Jamie and Colton were best friends growing. For a long as Jamie can remember Colton was always with him. They were practically inseparable, until Colt enlisted. After that the two just sort of lost touch. Jamie got too caught up in his own life to keep track of when Colt came home anymore, if he came home. It’s been years since the two have seen each other.

The Role of Jamie Ramsey is Taken

Past →

Jamie was born to young parents, his mother being barely 19-years-old at the time and his father being 21. But that didn’t change the fact that they loved each other. Not too long before the lad was born did his parents marry. While Jamie’s father worked at the garage in town, his mother stayed home, taking care of him and taking college classes. The young family made due with what they had, which wasn’t much. But above all else, they were happy and they loved each other. Once Jamie was old enough, his father took every opportunity to teach him the things he knew about cars and construction and everything else he knew.

For fifteen years, Jamie was an only child. While it was lonely at times, he loved it. His parents, being as young as they were when they had him, were—at times—more like friends than they were parents. Part of him was jealous when his parents told him they were expecting—although a bigger part of him told him he was too old to be jealous of a baby and that he would be moved out and on his own with best friend, Colton Hopkins, by the time the kid was old enough to bug him. All of those thoughts went out the window when his little sister, Allison was born. Jamie loved his little sister with all his heart and did practically everything to protect her from the moment she was born. He even had the nurses joking about how much trouble her future boyfriends would be in once she started dating.

Even though Jamie moved out when he was 19, he still went home a lot. He would pick Allison up after school and babysit her while their parents worked and before he went to work as a stocker at Wal-Mart working 3rd shift. Jamie hated his job, the hours were shit, the work was hard, and the pay was not worth what he was making, although he was making more than minimum wage. Jamie lost a lot of sleep between working third shift and watching Allison when she got out of school. He never meant for it to happen. He had been working all night long and Allison only had a half day of school, so he had to pick her up at 11:30 instead of 3:30 like he was used to. He tried to get a few hours of sleep before he picked her up, but four hours of sleep after a full night stocking the pet food isle was not enough. He wouldn’t say he fell asleep at the wheel, but he wasn’t fully awake. He shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. Allison shouldn’t have been in the backseat. Jamie should have been paying attention. But none of those things happened. Jamie ended up running a red light as a semi truck was barreling down the busy street, slamming into the passenger side of Jamie’s car. Three days later, Jamie woke up in the hospital to learn that his little sister was dead and that he had barely pulled through.

For almost two weeks Jamie stayed in the hospital until the doctors thought that he was well enough to finally go back home. His roommate and one of his best friends, Laci was given a packet of papers for things to watch for with him—depression mainly. At first, Jamie was fine. He tried his hardest to get back to life and pretend that things were okay and nothing happened. That lasted two days. Things took a dramatic turn for the worse at Allison’s funeral. He stopped going to work, hardly left his bed, there were so many nights when Laci would run into to wake him up when she heard him screaming about Allison. It was on one of thought nights that Laci noticed all the cuts that ran up and down Jamie’s arms and legs. The next morning she had him packed up in the car and was driving him to the Broken Asylum for his own safety.

Present →

Jamie likes the art room. It’s something he had always liked, art. Sculpting mainly. Clay was a way to be creative and get messy, two things that he always liked. His therapist encourages him to spend time there, as a form of therapy or something. Jamie doesn’t pay much attention to what his therapist say. One of the best things about the asylum is Colton is here as a guard. It’s amazing to see his best friend after being apart for so many years.

More often than not, Jamie hates everything about himself. It was him who was stupid enough to drive when he knew he shouldn’t have been. It was him who should have died and not Allison. Despite his diagnosis and where he is, Jamie can still be that happy go-lucky person he has always been. He tries to make friends with everyone. He has become close with a few of the members of staff because he has a tendency to get hurt.

Faceclaim → Gavin Free

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Hey guys!

A few people who have made some ‘Connections’ with their characters (very highly encouraged!) have forgotten a small part of the fun, so this is just a little reminder in case anyone else missed/forgot:

Along with the name of said character yours is connected with, you’ll just have to write out a maximum of a paragraph explaining your characters ties (who they are to one another, or if in the scenario of a momentary glance: what the moment was/how it happened.)

If anyone needs more info on this, the original post can be found:
HERE. :]


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Name → Lori Parrish
Age → 34 (October 1)
Type → Staff

The Role of Lori Parrish is Taken

Past →

Lori grew up in a normal family that lived in a normal city. She grew up in Portland, to be exact. Portland was a great place for her to grow up. Lori always admired the rainy days, and the beautiful, tall trees that grew and surrounded her. Lori liked anything that lived in Oregon from the people, to the plants. She was always a wide-eyed little girl that saw good in a world others did not see.

As she grew older, though, the lack of sunshine caused Lori to be depressed. She didn’t look at the world the same way. She only wanted to go back to her familiar home, and hide herself from the rest of the world. Lori’s parents, who found success in Lori’s teenage years, did not seem to care how isolated their daughter was from the world.

So, Lori stayed lonely and depressed, until one day she walked in on a black eyed man standing over her parent’s bodies, and a hell hound (which she could not see) growling at her. The last memory of that night was the man walking towards her, and is hand hitting her head. A few days later Lori woke up to two FBI Agents (who we’re really hunters) who questioned her. The questions seemed out of the norm to Lori, so she annoyed the men until she got her answers. They told her about how her parents probably made a demon deal to be successful. They then continued to educate her on all things supernatural. Lori was inspired, and she joined the men and learned how to become a hunter.

A collage degree in social work, a child, and many years later, Lori had ditched the life of being a hunter, and became a social worker instead. Lorie had got a job at an asylum in a new town, and she had accepted her life. Lori accepted that her chances of avenging her parent’s was unlikely, and she was okay with that. She only wanted her sons happiness, and a normal life again.

Present →

Lori recently found out about the demons. She refuses to let her son go to the asylum, and she never works more hours than she has to. Lori often tries not to think about the demons in the asylum, and focuses on her job, which she takes very seriously.  

Lori is very serious. She does not appreciate jokes or sarcasm, and often comes across as a bitch. She has two personalities(she does not a DID, though.) when it comes to her co-workers, and the patients. With her Co-workers she is a bit nicer. She offers them drinks, and appreciates a good conversation. With patients, she puts on a mask. This mask makes her seem emotionless.

Faceclaim → Lana Parrilla

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Name → Naomi Waylon
Age → 20 (September 20)
Type → Staff

The Role of Naomi Waylon is Taken

Past →

Naomi Waylon applied for college only a few short years ago, hoping to get a degree in music. She was brilliant on the guitar- and could even make do on the drums, and what she wanted to do most in life was be in a band. However, when talking to a member of the career center, they told her that she didn’t have enough credits in community service to get a degree in anything, let alone music.

Determined to get past this little road bump, she began to apply to different community facilities. She started with a theatre center, hoping to get a spot in the orchestra, but she was denied. The only other place that would take her for a position of staff was Broken Asylum, and so she applied. Soon, she was placed on phones, and was paid a measly amount for her troubles. Naomi was left to take care of her 5 year old nephew and niece when her sister Penelope had passed away.

Present →

Naomi works from 9-1 Monday through Friday as a receptionist before she has to leave to pick up her niece and nephew. The moment 1pm comes around Naomi is normally running to her car to pick up her nephew and niece from school.  She would if she had to come to work during the weekend if she could find someone to watch her nephew and niece. Naomi hopes that she’ll be able to get a degree in music once she gets enough credits in community service as she helps around her neighbourhood and go on school trips with her nephew and niece.

She’s a dedicated, hardworking woman who is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. While at work, she focuses on the patients, treating them as living, breathing people (even those who aren’t actually alive), hoping that one day, they’ll all be able to leave Broken.

Faceclaim → Blake Lively

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ATTENTION STAFF AND PATIENTS—The patient schedule for October 2014 has been posted! Please have a look today to see when and where your presence may be required!

NOTE: This schedule is meant to encourage new plots, threads, and [mini] para’s. Please use this as you see fit for your character and know that while some of these things may be mandatory CANON, it is completely up to you whether your character decides to comply or not — there’s ought to be some skippers. If you have any questions, just shoot an ask to the main and we’ll be able to explain further/answer any inquiries you have!

Reblogging for reminder purposes! Also the trip is actually this coming Monday the 20th, not the 22nd. [typo/mistake things, whoops!]. 

Don’t forget also that on Halloween, all demons are allowed to leave the asylum the second midnight strikes on the 31st until 11:59 PM. 

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Congrats, Jamie! You’ve been accepted as Declan Mason (FC Change to Daniel Sharman). Please send in your account within 24 hours or your character will be reopened. :3

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