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Congrats, Aj! You’ve been accepted as Hekate (Natalie Dormer). Please send in your account within 24 hours or your character will be reopened. :3

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Broken Asylum Task #1 - Meeting Muses // The Story of Why & How

a. Most people in here have more than one character, but they’ve never met—and if they have, it’s usually a headcanon thing.

For the first task of this roleplay, you will write about your characters meeting one another. This can be done in many different ways, and that’s for you to decide.

  • You can write one, long, self-para on your most active muse with all of the meetings (or they call meet together! Maybe they’re locked in the same room or they have a group therapy session with each other.
  • You can also write separate self-paras for one person meeting another specifically and post them on different characters if you wish.
  • You are also allowed to write the same para(s) but in another person’s point of view [since the roleplay is third person in writing, though we wouldn’t object to third person omniscient where the audience knows what everyone is thinking in one piece of writing]
  • If some of you dropped older characters that you think would be perfect to bring back solely for this task, then you are more than welcome to.

This can help so many lost muses and get your creative ideas flowing non stop. Have fun with it.

b. If you only have one character in the roleplay, you are completely allowed to participate with this alternative task; writing a descriptive, in-depth self para as to why and how your character got into the asylum. Write about their past. This is a perfect opportunity to delve into your character’s bio some more and either make it your own (if it was a canon bio) or explore what you’ve thought up some more as well.

  • Those of you who have more than one character also have the option of doing task B as well if you wish. It’s your choice.

This task is ‘due’ by Tuesday, September 30th. Tag your work with the tag #broken task and #broken task 1. Have fun with this!

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Congrats, Frost! You’ve been accepted as Ayperos (Nico Tortorella). Please send in your account within 24 hours or your character will be reopened. :3

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Hi can I reserve the faceclaim Jensen Ackles for a couple days? I'm working on a bio right now.

You may reserve a FC for twenty-four hours. Jensen Ackles is now on reserve!


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Anonymous inquired:

are we allowed to submit bios to the main without taking up that character?

Of course! You can even submit a bio that may have connections with another character. Just be sure to indicate that you aren’t applying and that it is an open bio!


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Everyone start tracking #broken task!

Us three here at BA Mod central have something amazing cooked up for you guys that might just be monthly, starting tomorrow! So keep a look out for Broken Asylum’s very first task assignment. These tasks are definitely to help your creative writing juices wake up and start flowing—not that you’re being creative now, but there’s always room for more.


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Name → Jason Huang
Age → 30 (September 16)
Type → Staff

The Role of Jason Huang is Taken

Past →

Jason Huang was born like any other child in Winterhaven, California, a small town just off the edge of a vast forest. Like many of the other children his age, he spent a lot of time there, observing the wildlife and exploring, though he made sure not to get lost. While he didn’t exactly care if he worried his parents, he was perfectly fine with being looked after and having his needs taken care of and didn’t want that taken away from him. Not by something as stupid as getting lost.

There was something different about him the moment he was born. He was ridiculously well-behaved as a child, though he had trouble following the rules. If you asked him, he claimed that he’d forgotten, or that he hadn’t known, but the reality was that he simply didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything, or anyone, except for himself. His parents tried their best to teach him right from wrong, especially once they’d found out he was the one who killed their cat, and while it appeared that it worked, he just got better at hiding his little endeavours in going against moral codes.

Killing animals was one of his favorite hobbies, and as he got older, he got better at cleaning up, better at making traps to catch said animals… and better at torturing them. No one was aware of his disgusting hobby, and no one ever would be. He was much too careful for anything less. While he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong, and certainly nothing illegal, he knew that people’s opinion of him would change if they found out, and he couldn’t have that. Not when he’d spent his entire life building his perfect facade.

As time went on, his practice on animals began to satisfy him less and less, and he longed to move onto humans, but in such a small town, it would be impossible not to get caught. So, as soon as he felt he was ready, he moved to another city in California— San Francisco, a perfect place for what he planned to do. He started off slowly, abducting a child from their front lawn and bringing her back to a house he’d bought on the edge of the city, slowly torturing her over the course of the next few months. When finally he’d decided to kill her, he buried her head in someone else’s yard, her torso in a city called Ventura, and her limbs in a town called Oxnard. He knew enough about the police forces to know that they usually didn’t collaborate on missing persons, or bodies— and by the time they’d found every piece, whatever evidence he’d left behind would be long gone.

Continuing his reign of terror in San Francisco was easy enough, as he only abducted a one or two people over the course of a few months, killing them slowly, and then dumping their parts all over the state. While the body parts were always found— he read about it in the papers— there was no evidence to speak of, and they were always puzzled about why they couldn’t find the rest of the bodies. Jason thought of them as simple-minded idiots, too stupid to look past their own counties— if they had, they might have put together the pieces and been able to identify who was who.

After his twentieth kill, and finishing college in San Francisco (even serial killers need a good education), he decided to move away from the excellent city, and California in general. While he’d made a name for himself in several cities (he was known as the California Slasher, he didn’t like that name, though. It was uncreative and stupid in his opinion), he decided that he wanted to try something different. He wanted to try and get into the medical field. He moved to New Hampshire, New Hampshire, finishing his internship by the time he was thirty years old, and catching news of a disastrous asylum that was in need of some new doctors, and he quickly applied. If there was any place that held easy pickings, it was definitely there.

Present →

Jason spends a lot of his time ‘looking after’ the patients in the asylum, though obviously he doesn’t really care about them. He just wants to make sure he finds the perfect victims for his dastardly plans, which he will soon put in action. He hasn’t killed anyone in the short time he’s been there, but he’s definitely planning on it— after all, what’s a good serial killer if they don’t plan out some things before committing the crime? A crime without planning is doomed to fail, as he likes to say.

Emotions-wise, Jason doesn’t have very many. Sure, there’s the occasional annoyance, or that giddy feeling he gets when he kills, but other than that, he’s purely a psychopath. He’s not capable of forming connections, no matter if he were to try or not, so relationships are purely for manipulative purposes, and not because he’s trying to be a better person, as he might lead you to believe if you were ever to find out a few pieces of his past.

Faceclaim → Godfrey Gao

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