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Name → Tobias Cassius Bones
Age → 33 (August 15th)
Type → Patient
Diagnosis → Homicidal Tendencies, minor Psychopathy

The Role of Tobias Cassius Bones is Taken

Past →

If one were to inquire upon Tobias’s childhood, he would begin with two words: “parental guidance”. From birth to the age in which he abandoned his quiet, content lifestyle for something more lively, Tobias had relied almost entirely on his parents not only for the normal reasons, but their guidance as well. As aforementioned, Tobias Cassius Bones grew up in a small town, nestled in the hills of the Vermont countryside, with two loving parents and enough money to be truly happy. They provided well for their child, giving him his desires but also simultaneously teaching him the ways of the world, and how one cannot always get exactly what they want. They taught him languages, music, film, and so many other artistic points to life. Perhaps that’s what sparks the artist in him in the future.

When he was sixteen, Tobias was finally, to the heedings for his grandparents, placed in public school. He learned quickly that half way through high school was not the best place to finally begin. The real world was much more intense than he’d believed, cooped up in the gentle fantasy that was his home. He was bullied for everything — his height, his knowledge, and especially the way he exerted his knowledge of the English language, his most favorite. They called him “pompous” — which Tobias was increasingly confused how such primitive children could possibly know such a ridiculous word — and “know-it-all”. Really, it didn’t bother him as much as one might have thought. Truthfully, it didn’t bother him until one afternoon, when a particularly piggish boy named Robert followed him home, and tried his best to jump up. All Tobias did was practice what he knew — he pulled out the switchblade his parents had given him for his woodworking he occasionally did afterschool, and gutted the boy. It was only after that he realized he hadn’t even blinked.

He hid the body, and summoned his father, in fear for what was going to happen to him. To Tobias’s surprise, his father smiled at him, and told him that this was a phase he’d went through in high school as well. When he helped his son bury the body, he taught him about the morals of murder, and how they should be used. One couldn’t kill just to kill; there had to be a reason. The reason this boy was dead was because he wasn’t fit to handle the world. Tobias chose his reason to be art.

Over the two more years of high school to come, Tobias found himself fascinated by the human body, and the art it made. Though he maintained friendships abundantly, did his schoolwork in complete, and was otherwise a good and just student, he studied anatomy in secret. He learned the ways of how life spread through a human being, and used it to his advantage. At the age of eighteen, when he finished high school and left his parental guidance to endure the world of college, he finally deemed he was ready to challenge the world with his art.

College proved to be not much more difficult than high school; perhaps it was because he majored in literature, and not something that involved more science and hands-on work. There were several people he killed in his five years at Princeton: Jessica, Anna, Michael, Lawrence, Jacob, Bradford, and Jordan. He’d always remember their names. His first real kills; the murders than began his career. They called a serial killer on campus and everyone was given a curfew, but no one really cared. And that gave Tobias the advantage. He took his father’s advice and killed because he felt that this particular person would make the best art. They never caught him. He was never even questioned.

For the next eight years, he abides his time in a local bookshop, occasionally giving lectures on literature to curious high school students. He buried himself in his books, inspiring him to make more art with each passing day. His decision to live in New Hampshire was a good one — the nature and the city that clashed made delicious places to find and procure his victims. He killed seventeen people in eight years: Mia, Julian, Matthew, Amy, David, Gina, Harrison, Rupert, Claire, Andrew, Jason, Eric, James, Cindy, Sophia, Tucker, Daniel.

He framed them like the art they were, and hung them for the world to see.

At last, however, he was caught. It was a woman, Adriana — he’d been planning to make a painting of her organs. They burst into his home when he was in the middle of his work; they’d found one small slip up. She’d been at the shop earlier today, a small, unforeseen mistake that Tobias had overlooked. When they found him, his hand was still elbow deep in her abdomen.

Present →

Tobias spent a year in the system; jumping from prison cell to prison cell before they finally decided he should plead insanity. Although Tobias never agreed — he claimed he wasn’t “crazy”, but was fully aware of his actions — it landed him a gig in the asylum. The most local asylum was, indeed, Broken. After a few months there, however, he was transferred in a most unfortunate incident to another asylum, known as Baltimore State. Constant request from Tobias and with the approval of his therapist, they transferred him back to Broken, where he awaits the return of the girl who changed him.

Always a gentlemen — even elbow deep in human flesh — Tobias prides himself on his chivalry and his excellent knowledge of the English language. He might be slightly pompous at times, but he clever, dark, and all in all mysterious. Murder is art; he’s got the mind of a mad artist and the mouth of an esteemed gentlemen.

Faceclaim → Mads Mikkelsen

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